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Within each group, Cheeky Bambini offers a thoroughly bilingual environment which reflects the everyday life of a bilingual family. Each adult speaks their first language in order that the child acquires both language systems intuitively and without any teaching of theory.

 Following the principles of language immersion, the second language is 'lived' through  social context and interaction. Among linguists it is generally agreed that the 'one person-one language' principle prevents confusion and allows the children to keep the languages distinct. Through exchange projects supported by the EU (e.g. Comenius), teaching staff from English and Italian speaking projects will be invited to join our team.

Our pre-school education is principally intended for bilingual families within which Italian is spoken alongside German. To maintain the linguistic and cultural basis of our centre, these families should make up at least one third of our members. All other places are available to monolingual and multilingual children.